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Our comprehensive services are designed to provide relevant professional services to our clients.

They include:

Media Asset Management
Our Media Asset Management (“MAM”) services provide valuable platforms for customizable corporate intranets and websites - delivering tangible benefits and savings for our multinational and local clients. 24/7 worldwide access to searchable “libraries” of image assets. We have substantial expertise in handling the selection and processing of incoming rushes through output of selected, ready-for-use outgoing media, complete with extensive metadata and keywords

Contact Details: or T +27 11 880 2037

Specialist Research
Specialist Research for hard-to-find clips – typically of sporting or entertainment events and personalities. Our excellent network of worldwide resources will assist to unearth hidden gems for your projects, obtaining full peace of mind via our Rights & Clearances service.

Contact Details:
or T +27 11 880 2037

Rights & Clearances
We’re practiced at obtaining clearances from sporting bodies, celebrities and estates of famous personalities – as we’ve done for many international clients and projects.

Contact Details:
or T +27 11 880 2037

Film Store
Storage and management services. Our leading SABS-spec vaults manage the full spectrum of analogue and digital media on behalf of their owners. Our experience as TVC producers allows us to provide tailor-made solutions, including media residing on servers and cloud-based systems – allowing rapid access and deployment to client MAM platforms.

Contact Details:
or T +27 11 880 2037

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