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Greatstock evolved from its early roots in the eighties, producing award-winning Cinema & TV commercials and longer-form productions, to become a truly integrated visual resource company.

We offer a broad spectrum of media resources – including millions of superb images and the like from world-class photographers, cinematographers and composers from the many world-leading sources we represent. Our acclaimed aFRIKA Collection of images and motion also delivers compelling authentic local content.

We design and manage several Media Asset Management (“MAM”) platforms for major multinational clients, enabling them to have a readily accessible and easily-searchable repository of all their media assets, allowing many to enjoy streamlined operations and demonstrable cost-savings of millions of Rands per year.

Our Filmstore division offers a unique specialist service, safely managing millions of valuable production elements (physical and digital) in our state-of-the-art SABS-spec vaults.

We are also renowned for our specialist Film Research, and enjoy a proud reputation of obtaining Rights & Clearances for our clients, enabling them to use celebrities of all kinds for their advertising and communication work.

Our clients are mostly professionals in the advertising, marketing, design, production and publishing segments of local and international markets.
Contact Margi Sheard
T. +27 11 880 2037

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