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Greatstock respects your right to privacy. We may, however, require some information about you in order to provide or enhance the services we offer.

This information may include, without limitation: your name; e-mail address; and telephone number, all of which will be asked of you when you register on the Website. The required fields are indicated and you are under no obligation to provide any additional information.
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By providing us with this information, you consent to Greatstock using this information as outlined in this agreement, which should be read and interpreted in conjunction with the terms and conditions applicable to the use of any Image. Greatstock will be entitled to share this information with such of its affiliates as may be required to provide the services offered. We agree, however, that we will not divulge any of this information to other parties who have no right or reason to receive it. Your information, including E-mail addresses will never be sold, rented or leased to 3rd parties.

We may place links on this Website to enable you to link to other sites, but this does not imply an endorsement of these sites. Greatstock does not accept responsibility for privacy issues on other websites as they do not fall within our control.

”Cookies” may be used to remember your preferences (such as number of results displayed per page) when on the website. You are free to disable cookies if you prefer.

Greatstock reserves the right to disclose your information if so required by law, or should we believe that doing so is reasonably necessary to respond to claims, to protect the rights of our licensors or suppliers, the company, or public in general.

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